Dear Neighbors and Friends,

I’m very happy to serve as your District 4 Ramsey County Commissioner, and I am excited to be running again in 2018. These past few years have brought challenges for individuals and governments alike. Rebuilding the economy, welcoming our new east metro light rail line, and making our neighborhoods the supportive and sustainable communities they should be are my top priorities.

I look forward to continuing the conversations we’ve begun to ensure that the political system is a true partner to elevate the real common good and restore the promise of equal opportunity for everyone. 




Vision for a Responsible and Accountable Government

As Commissioner, Toni is committed to elevating the common good and ensuring the promise of equal opportunity for everyone. She believes in responsible and accountable government that:

  • Works to help all citizens achieve prosperity, honoring and celebrating the vast history and cultures of our community.

  • Is inclusive and invites everyone to the table to decide our future.

  • Diligently provides quality services in the most efficient and effective manner, and makes wise investments to grow a vibrant community.

  • Equitably and reliably delivers services, including safety net programs for children, families, and individuals, and for seniors who may be at risk.

  • Works to eliminate racial and ethnic disparities across all systems – including in employment, education, housing, justice and health.

  • Partners effectively to foster a healthy and sustainable environment; connecting families, young adults, and businesses to opportunities to help them thrive.